Dungeon Hollows Beagles
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Dungeon Hollows Beagles is a family ran kennel. We pride ourselves on our blood lines, and the performance of our hounds. We strive to better our pack and the beagle breed as a whole with hard hunting, big nosed, and FAST paced running Black and Tans.

We have made many friends along the way, in hunting and trialing our hounds. These people have been a god send to us, they have handed down wisdom to us that we will pass down to future generations of beaglers our sons. 

We believe in the all around beagle, you should not only be able to trial but also hunt the same hound.

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, some people out there will lie just to sell a hound.  One thing is for sure a hound will tell the truth in its running.  We will always be up front and honest about our hounds, and you can also trust the people that we have put their links on our page.  For Links to other beagle websites click on the links page.

We want to say a very special thank you to our good friend Jim Colbert from Silverhill Kennels.  Jim has sold us almost every hound we own.  He is honest, up front, and has some of the best hounds in the country!  We encourage you to visit his website.

Thank you for visiting our site, any questions just click on contact us.

Please take the time to watch the following video of a few of our hounds





Pleasant Valley Beagle Club

3rd in Field Finish

Vic' Silverhill LoBo


Monon Beagle Club

1st in Field Finish

Topshelf Silverhill E&J Chip

East Tennessee

2nd in Field Finish

Topshelf Silverhill MTN Bottom Stubby


Our niece Kylie with her buck from 2013 gun season


Our oldest son Hunter with his buck from 2013 gun season


Our oldest and youngest loving a day of hunting!


Ryan and his buck from 2013 gun season